Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved

Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved

Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved. Many crystal skulls are used in various types of special ceremonies and rituals because of their ability to enhance and amplify the power of intention. When we work with a crystal skull, we awaken its potential and therefore increase the power of its characteristics. Only through our focused attention will the potential of a crystal skull be awakened. Working with a crystal skull is like staring into a mirror, they give us the most perfect reflections of our current state of consciousness, and they amplify this energy state. Formed with intricate etching and attractive chevron phantom banding, as seen with Super 7 gem stone, just like a little powerhouse of psychic energy. A stellar gateway fusion of minerals mined in the Cave of Wonders in the Boreal Forest, Auralite-23 calms the cluttered mind, providing intense clarity and spiritual awareness, calming the mind and body. It relinquishes old belief systems and defends the self from other people’s thoughts or beliefs. As an ancient stone, Auralite-23 crystal encourages past-life healing and metaphysical abilities with its powerful healing capability, increasing well-being on every plane. The ultimate consciousness stone, Auralite-23 allows you to understand that you are a multidimensional being in human incarnation, allowing you to shift your conscious vibration. It motivates you to fulfill your goals, providing patience in the manifestation process and encourages harmony and acceptance of our entire human family. This particular crystal measures 3 inches tall (7.6cm), 3 inches wide (7.6cm), 4-1/4 inches long (10.8cm) and weighs 1 lb, 15 ounces (879 grams)

Auralite-23 crystal gemstone is the most powerful crystal on the planet with the highest vibration and holding the energies of 23 different earth elements and minerals all in one, including titanite, cacoxenite, lepidocrocite, ajoite, hematite, magnetite, pyrite, pyrolusite, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, limonite, sphalerite, covellite, chalcoppyrite, gialite, epidote, bornite, rutile, and smoky quartz in amethyst. Its like having 23 crystals in one, a powerful crystal ally and spiritual healing tool. Auralite-23 comes from only one crystal gem mine in the world, and that is the mine located in the Boreal Forest north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, also called the "Cave of Wonders". Auralite-23 crystals have been scientifically proven as one of the worlds oldest crystal gemstone which developed more than 1.5 billion years ago while the first signs of life appeared on Earth. Each crystal reflects its own journey frozen in time. We here at Crystals Avatar are pleased to offer you "AAA" graded hand-mined Auralite-23 and direct from the mine in Canada and we know the mine owner personally.

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Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved


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Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved, Stone
Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved, Gem
Auralite-23 Crystal Skull, Chevron, Polished, Hand Carved, Backside