Crystal Angels

Crystals Angels

Crystal Angels are a gemstone that has been cut and polished into the shape of an angel figurine or statue, some as pendants. These stones can bring connection to our higher self and spirit guides and angels, call them into your life to protect and guide you. Place a crystal angel on your Crystal Grid or on your Sacred Altar. Reminds us of the qualities of Angels, embody, love, compassion, contentment, understanding, peace and being of service to others for the greater good. Hand carved pocket angel crystals. Makes a wonderful gift. Crystal angels amplify the power of the crystal type. They are said to help when the cause of an illness cannot be discovered or the patient is resistant to treatment, for major surgery or when treatment is prolonged. Use for channeling healing from the Angels, also for pregnant women, newborn babies, children or teenagers who feel vulnerable or afraid for whatever reason. Use a birthstone or crystal Angel for a newborn baby or as a birthday gift to bring good fortune, health and happiness. Either wear a crystal Angel pendant or have a small Angel in a pouch or keep one at your workplace nearr your computer or phone to protect you against malicious or confrontational phone calls or emails. Set four crystal angels in the 4 main directions in a room. Red jasper for Uriel who stands in the North, citrine or amethyst for Raphael in the East, clear quartz or carnelian for Michael in the South, and Moonstone in the West for Gabriel. Each night, touched each Angel in turn to an invoke arkangel protection. Unexpected help is at hand in a current crisis or uncertainty. A good Affirmation is, I connect with my inner Angel. Whatever your belief system Angels always seem to fit! Whether you think of them as messengers from God or our guardian Angels or our loved ones who have moved on - everyone can benefit from having an Angel in their life! These are super popular as gifts as they cover pretty much every situation whatever is needed - be that good luck, strength, love, protection or just a good friend!

Crystal Angels:


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