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Crystal information: My name is Thayvian. It is a pleasure to meet you! This is a brand new launched website. In this section, I will be adding Information and Articles. Let me share my knowledge, my data, my database with you. Left brain. Right brain. So, please have patience as I add all of my thousands of crystals and also a lot of cool and unique crystal information and articles to my website during the next couple of weeks. Please sign-up to my Crystals Avatar Newsletter down below, so you will be notified of all the cool additions I will be adding, you don't want to miss this epic journey! The Great Work has started. You are my muse. I love you. I am Thayvian. I am Maji. I am that once great Crystal Priest from Atlantis. My spiritual heritage is that from Violet Flame and St. Germaine as an Indigo child, a Star Seed with feline-avian-horse-aquatic connections to the House of Bra-Ha-Rama and the Amethyst Order. I am humble, but powerful. I am grateful to Elohim & Seraphim. Let Thy Seeds sprout.

Crystal Information:

Indigo Child
Crystal Child