Crystal Jewelry, Healing

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry and stones can be carried or worn as jewelry to help you maintain mental clarity, emotional stability and physical balance. Carrying stones as amulets, or wearing them as jewelry, is one of the most simple and effective ways of utilizing their healing force. Gemstones have been worn for thousands of years on the fingers, around the wrist and neck, and the navel and on the 3rd eye, in the hair, on the toes and through the nose. Beautiful stones and crystals have been used as jewelry for as long as people have adorned themselves. Lapis, carnelian and malachite were used by the ancient Egyptians, emerald by the Incas, jade by the Chinese, and turquoise by the Native American Indians. Many of these great cultures were aware of the healing power in these stones. They would use them consciously for specific healing purposes.

Crystal jewelry is really a form of magic, because the crystals have inherent energies that are affecting you when you wear them within your aura. Try obtaining and wearing crystal jewelry with purpose / intention. For example, choose specific jewelry with specific stones for specific intentions. Find crystals rings, crystal necklaces / pendants, crystal bracelets, etc. Crowns of sacred gemstones were worn by the rulers of great empires to assist them in governing the people wisely. Stones were worn on specific fingers to channel certain energies and influences into their lives. Rubies and deep red stones were worn in the naval of belly dancers to activate sexual interest in their viewers. Stones were worn on the 3rd Eye to assist the psychic's consciousness to stay attuned to God. Necklaces hanging in the vicinity of the chest were worn to stimulate heart chakra points in order to activate greater love and compassion. Crystal stones worn on earlobes were used to stimulate reflex points that affect other parts of the body.

Wearing crystal jewelry with stones that were believed to possess certain energies were carried and kept close to the person wishing to acquire its specific influence. Eventually stones were secured with twine or string and hung around the neck, wrists, head or ankles and worn against the body in order to receive full time effects. When crystal jewelry is designed and worn consciously for healing purposes, their creations become works of art that empower the wearer. As crystals and stones are worn, their energies intermingle with the human electromagnetic field or aura. In addition to cosmetic beauty, it is also possible to create crystal jewelry that consciously utilizes the healing properties and the special gifts stones have to offer. These creations, uniquely designed, then become personal power pieces that will assist the wearer to attain certain states of awareness or achieve specific goals.

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Crystal Jewelry