Crystal Pendulums, Dowsing

Crystal Pendulums and Dowsing

Crystal pendulums are a tool of divination consisting of a string attached to a heavy object, such as a Quartz Crystal, root, or ring. Crystal pendulums are often used in scrying and are believed to work with Earth's natural radiation. Pendulums have been used by ancient civilizations to locate mineral deposits and water dowsing. Your inner self has the answer you seek, and the pendulum gives motion to what you already know. It can serve as an outlet for your intuition. Some people consider this intuition as coming from a spirit guide or the higher self. The pendulum translates the language into consciousness. Use the pendulum to answer yes or no questions. Some people like to use Tarot cards, pictures, or other symbols and hold the crystal pendulum over them while focusing on a question to see if the crystal points to a particular object. Try to leave emotions out of the way. Be open and neutral.

A crystal pendulum on a chain or cord is the most portable and valuable of psychic tools. Indeed pendulums can help us to tune into what has not yet happened by allowing us to sense and see or hear knowledge not yet accessible to the logical mind, and by amplifying our innate but often unrecognized gift to see what is just over the horizon. But the crystal pendulum has many practical uses in the every day world to alert you to the unconscious signals that your inner radar has picked up. Use your crystal pendulum to trace an electrical fault, a blockage in a pipe from above ground, the presence of a ghost, the right direction back to the car if you're lost on a walk, or by holding the crystal pendulum over a map to discover the best location for a holiday or a new home or where a lost pet might be. The crystal pendulum is itself seen as an all-purpose healing tool.

Crystal Pendulums:

Crystal Pendulums