Crystals Wands

Crystals Wands

Crystal wands are a slender crystal at least 3.5 inches long or longer, shaped like a wizard's wand and designed and specialized to project the stone's energy with much more focus and accuracy. It's shape sometimes occurs naturally, but most are cut and faceted and grinded down to a single point on one end or double pointed on both ends. It strongly amplifies energy and focuses this where it is needed, or draws it off and dissipates it as appropriate. Quartz wands can be used to reach the underlying cause of disease and to transform it. It points to, and then treats areas of blockage or weakness in the physical body or the aura. The crystal points represent the direction of energy and help focus attention and ground the force of thoughts into a steady, single force. Crystal wands are the traditional healing tools of shamans, healers, and metaphysicians. The magic wands of myth and legend, they are believed to have been used by the highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from those far off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful programming. Some stones have just rounded or tapered ends and those are mostly used as massage tools.

Healing crystal wands have the ability to focus energy tightly through their tip. A single crystal point is often used in healing. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off. Pointed inward, it channels energy to the body. Long pointed crystals, such as the powerful laser Quartz, are excellent healing tools. Crystal wands are often used by body workers, reflexologists, acupressure workers, and massage therapists as a tool in their healing modality. They are also useful in crystal grids to connect the matrix of the grids by adding a link to amplify the grids intention. Crystal wands are helpful if you need to stimulate a point on the body. Rotated gently, they relieve pain and disease. You can find crystals to treat illnesses and imbalances on all levels. Crystals have been connected with particular parts of the body and its organs for thousands of years. Many of the connections come from traditional astrology, both Western and Eastern. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda, both over 5000 years old, still use in modern medical prescriptions crystals that appear in formulas in ancient texts.

Crystal wands are employed for ritual and magical purposes. These are the magic wands that the wizards, high priestesses and magicians of old used. When held in the hand, these crystals extend our manifestation powers greatly. When you have a wand crystal around and make a wish or even make a statement, you are actually working very powerful magic. It is therefore most important to act responsibly when working with this type of gemstone. You should never point a crystal wand at anyone like a joke, and never say or wish for anything negative when working with a wand. And ask only for that which is positive and life-affirming because all energy that is projected through a crystal wand returns to the sender in magnified form. Send good, healing energy out, and you will receive that which you send tenfold. Crystal wands are a great gift, given to us by our Mother Earth, to be used wisely. When you experience for yourself a wands power, you will automatically treat this great gift with the respect it deserves.

Crystal wands are sometimes thought of as psychic knives, and some people use them symbolically to cutaway negative psychological, emotional or psychic patterns. Remember this is symbolic. You do not physically cut anything with a wand. You can also utilize a crystal wand for memory recall, to maintain focus, to amplify vital life force, and to strengthen concentration. Crystal wands help gather energy and direct energy through the transference of thought and intention. A laser Quartz wand focuses, concentrates, and accelerates the energy passing through it into a tight beam that acts like a laser. Suitable for psychic surgery, it stimulates acupuncture points and can reach tiny structures deep within the body, such as the pineal or pituitary gland, or perform precision work on the physical or subtle bodies. The laser Quartz wand can detach entities or attachments and ties to other people, and cuts away negativity of all kinds. It provides powerful protection for the aura and physical body. At the mental or emotional level, it removes inappropriate attitudes, outmoded thought patterns, and energy blockages.

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